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Web link to Outer North East London Community Services
Web link to Outer North East London Community Services
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Citizens Advice page

Church Hill is in partnership with

the Citizen's Advice Bureau


Do you need advice or guidance on debt,

immigration, or housing benefit?


We can book an appointment for you either by telephone

or in person with the Citizens Advice Bureau

if you live in our Children Centre area.


Call us on 020 8520 1492 for help and advice...

How a first time mother of a six-month old boy was helped by the CAB

'My Health Visitor Sonjii told me I could ring Church Hill Children's Centre and they would make an  appointment for me to talk to an advisor at the Citizen's Advice Bureau.


I was really pleased to get an appointment in less than a week. I had an issue with my workplace regarding me going back to work.


The appointment at the CAB was very thorough, not rushed and very helpful.


The advisor told me what my rights were and was able to put me in touch with an employment lawyer from the London Law Centre.


The lawyer helped me to draft a letter for free!  I got further advice on my options and my rights.


 As a result of the advice it clarified the law for me and I felt confident about what I needed to do'.


 The mother went on to say '...motherhood is hard work and it's wonderful. Being a mother has helped me know what to do as a mum, to be  more assertive and confident and to fight for what is right'.

You can find the

CAB web site here

Support is always there...