Equalities Objectives

A key part of our Mission is to raise the life chances of the most vulnerable and to narrow the gap. We have decided that these 3 Objectives are priorities:

  1. To ensure that the positive ethos of equality and respect of the Children’s Centre and Nursery School is embedded further by developing:
    • a Parents’ Charter which will set out how we expect all adults to behave on the premises, and what will happen if anyone does not abide by this;
    • a Bullying and Harassment Policy which will be included in the Staff Handbook and discussed as part of our Induction process for staff and volunteers.
  2. To increase the involvement of fathers and male carers in the Children Centre and Nursery School by:
    • recruiting male volunteers;
    • promoting events such as ‘Bring a Dad to Nursery’ widely;
    • through delivering a new group with a focus on fathers and their partners;
    • targeted publicity for male-focused workshops and for all events involving dads.
  3. To gather, analyse and evaluate data on different groups e.g. SEND, gender and ethnicity, including attendance data. To develop actions to address any imbalances we find.