Family Support

Our Family Support and Outreach workers are here to make your time in the Children centre a great place for your child and you. They set up the groups and activities, visit families in their home when extra support is needed and they are a great source of help to point you in the right direction for other services.                                                                                                                                                               

We can provide access for you onto a number of different Parenting Programmes which will support you to understand your child’s behaviour and develop the skills to have a close loving and positive relationship with your child, these programmes include:

Incredible Years, Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities, Calm parents calm children.

Family Support for Dads - Everyone is welcome at all our groups but if you are also interested in our specific Dad's/male carers group please leave a message for Urszula on 020 8520 4919.

Coffee Time - If you are feeling a bit isolated / new to the area come to one of our coffee time session on Thursdays between 1.30 - 3pm. They happen at our Barclay site, our Church Hill site and at the Woodside Daycare site.

Please see our Activity Timetable below for details of all our groups, or call us at: Barclay 020 8518 7015 or Church Hill 020 8520 4919 to find out more.


  1. WWECC and WWCC activity timetable 2016