Our aims and beliefs

We aim to provide every child with the encouragement and opportunity to:

  • develop and build on earlier learning
  • be active, enthusiastic, thoughtful and responsive
  • experience new learning through a planned curriculum which covers appropriate aspects of language, social, cultural, moral, emotional, cognitive, mathematical, scientific, creative and physical development, both indoors and outdoors
  • take part in all activities, which are organised to take into account of different languages, cultural experiences, beliefs and abilities
  • progress in all ways, by using our professional knowledge to assess the educational achievements of young children
  • feel happy and safe in a caring environment.

We believe that staff and families share the responsibility for a child's learning, so we aim:

  • to nurture a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and sharing of appropriate information
  • to involve parents in the development and practical use of school policies and guidelines.

We aim to enhance the learning experience of every child by:

  • creating surroundings which are safe and stimulating
  • providing the best educational resources we can.

We aim to develop our professional expertise through:

  • carrying out a continuous, comprehensive training and development programme
  • building links with colleagues from other schools, the local education authority, children's services and agencies and other local providers for the care and education of children under five
  • keeping up-to-date with national initiatives.

We aim to build the school's links and involvement with the wider community.