Working Together

At Walthamstow East Children’s Centre we believe it is essential to include parents and carers in providing positive play and learning experiences for all children. Parents and carers have insights and knowledge about their children and our outreach and family support workers have professional experience and an understanding of a families needs to share.


Volunteers are always welcome and there are many ways to get involved from helping with specific events, group activities to general administration

Volunteers are able to use their skills and experience to help support their local children's centre community, to help gain experience to get back into the work place or maybe just to get out of the house and be part of another environment, meeting new people etc and we benefit from your help which allows us to provide an even better service to our children and families.

Parent's Voice

We hold Parent's Voice sessions on a regular basis, where we listen to parents and carers. We do our best to use as many of the ideas you have as possible.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board meets several times a year. Members of staff meet with parents and with people from the agencies we work with, e.g. health and education: 

  • Supporting Walthamstow East Children's Centre to achieve our mission working together for all our children’
  • Having a say in policies relating to the Children's Centre
  • Gathering the views and ideas of parents for continuous improvement e.g. sharing good news stories and highlighting any weaknesses or issues affecting parents
  • Questioning and challenging whether the activities and services meet the demands and needs of the community
  • Contributing to the monitoring and evaluation of activities delivered by our partners.

If you are interested in Volunteering or joining the Advisory Board please either give us a call, email us or let one of our outreach or family support workers know

Thank You