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                               Sustainability Update 

                               June 2011 




Welcome to the latest edition of our “Sustainability”  newsletter.

In it, you’ll find information about projects that  we are taking part in,

as well as future developments. 


If you have any feedback about our work on sustainability,  suggestions about projects

that we could take part in or know  of any organizations that we could contact,

please contact  Andrew, Hasina or Sue.



Do you enjoy gardening? If you do, please speak to Saroj about our Gardening Club.


A number of parents are involved – planting, weeding and helping to maintain the Nursery garden, as well as working with staff from Walthamstow School for Girls every Wednesday afternoon growing plants in and maintaining an  allotment that we have been given.



As part of the work that we are undertaking to become more sustainable, we are

developing a “Litter” policy for the Nursery School and Children’s Centre.


We would appreciate your suggestions on how we can raise the community’s awareness of this issue and work with them to reduce the amount  of litter produced, as well as tackling the existing problem of  litter.


We are also working with the children on addressing this issue and have  shared stories about “Lily Litter Picker” and “Benny Bin”. Children have also  had opportunities to create their own “Lily” and “Benny” puppets. The  children have learnt a song about picking up litter and throwing it in the  bin, so that we keep Church Hill (and Walthamstow) clean. 


Please see Andrew if you’d like to be involved in the drafting of this  policy, or would like to know more about “Lily” and “Benny”. 


"Green Flag” Award 

As you may know, we have already been awarded our Bronze and Silver Awards  for our work on sustainability and hope to be awarded our “Green Flag” Award  in December 2011.


We have made a number of changes to the way that we do things at Church Hill  – reducing our paper usage, making sure that lights are turned off in empty  rooms, that taps are turned off after use … amongst others. 


We really appreciate the support and assistance given to us by staff,  parents, governors, children and various organizations. 


The Church Hill community is committed

to making sustainability an ongoing  process

and we look forward to sharing this process with others. 


Download a copy of our

sustainaiblity newsletter here